Westchester Community for Humanistic Judaism

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Since the fall of 2007, the Westchester Community for Humanistic Judaism has been offering Jewish education for children, from Kindergarten through Bar/Bat Mitzvah and beyond.

The program aims to enhance children's Jewish identity and intellectual growth through small class explorations of art, music, texts, and games. Students are learning about Jewish culture, history, and holidays in ways that emphasize humanistic values and ethics within a Jewish context. Among the areas in which WCHJ offers instruction are:

Our school offers an open, warm environment where learners can safely express their thoughts and feelings while developing a positive connection to Judaism. It strives to motivate and excite children through experiential learning, and aims to foster critical thinking, love of learning, and a belief in the power of human reason and responsibility, rather than of supernatural authority.

The current school year begins in October. This year, in addition to the current section of students who have had a few years of Jewish education, we are opening up a new section for younger and beginning students.

Please contact the school director, Channing Stave, for more information or to arrange for your child to attend a free sample class.